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What if you could help your partners accelerate their path to making a vertical specialization flourish? more
What if you could adequately enable your entire partner base, not just the top 10%? more
As a channel manager or channel marketer, your single most important imperative is to increase channel sales and optimize channel revenue. If you’re looking to accelerate your channel’s success–whether you’re integrating a whole new partner base following an acquisition, working to better enable and grow vertical solution selling, or simply spread too thin to give your entire partner base the focus necessary to accelerate channel growth–we can help!
  • Acquisition Integration: Stories from the Field
    Acquisition Integration: Stories from the Field
    BTEG is currently working with one of the world’s largest technology companies and its channel organization.  For more than eight years, we’ve worked with the Channel Management team as a direct interface with its partners, enabling partners to build successful industry-focused and/or technology-focused practices. Over this time, we’ve built scalable
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  • Challenges of Mergers <i>– Changes</i>
    Challenges of Mergers – Changes
    If you've ever been involved in a corporate merger, or your company was acquired by another, you understand that the integration of the companies is a complex effort. Mergers can fail for a variety of reasons including culture, technology, politics or power struggles.
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  • The Cost of Non-Performing Partners
    The Cost of Non-Performing Partners
    It was recently announced that Trend Micro will be reducing the number of partners they have through a formal review program.  The company cut 600 U.S. partners in 2013 as a result of the review process, and may cut another 12 percent to 15 percent of its 6,000 partners this
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  • Lessons from the Dead at 35,000 Feet
    Lessons from the Dead at 35,000 Feet
    Recent travels for business took me to the far east. To get there and back I had to endure some very long flights. My return flight from Hong Kong took 14.5 hours! With all that down time I decided to do a little binge watching. I don’t watch much TV,
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  • Enable Your Sales Reps with Proof Points
    Enable Your Sales Reps with Proof Points
    One of the most basic tools in a sales rep’s tool kit is proof points. Prospects want to know HOW the solution has successfully been implemented.  But, according to a Forrester study, 78% of Executive Buyers claim that sales people do not have relevant examples or case studies. A simple,
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  • What Do Channel Partners Really Want? (Part 3)
    What Do Channel Partners Really Want? (Part 3)
    If you’ve been following this mini-series, of sorts, then you now have some new insights into a channel partner’s desire for marketing relevancy (how vendors and partners work together to make marketing programs relevant to a partner’s business) and sales relevancy (vendors aligning with partners around the partner’s capabilities, to
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