How will you integrate support organizations and partner channels to help them succeed? more
What if you could help your partners accelerate their path to making a vertical specialization flourish? more
What if you could adequately enable your entire partner base, not just the top 10%? more
As a channel manager or channel marketer, your single most important imperative is to increase channel sales and optimize channel revenue. If you’re looking to accelerate your channel’s success–whether you’re integrating a whole new partner base following an acquisition, working to better enable and grow vertical solution selling, or simply spread too thin to give your entire partner base the focus necessary to accelerate channel growth–we can help!
  • Adjustment Partner Management
    Adjustment Partner Management
    Many sales reps live by the saying “Always Be Selling.”  In Human Resources they use the mantra “recruit your employees daily”.    In Channel management, it is a combination of these two sayings, as you need to maintain partners’ interest and desire to work with and for you and sell for
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  • The New Normal of Partner Management
    The New Normal of Partner Management
    Everybody has written something about changes as a result of COVID 19’s “New Normal.” I know I am tired of it.  Not because the advice isn’t good or that the changes aren’t real, its just getting repetitive.  We get it, we need to work from home, we need to maintain
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  • Leadership X University Business Spotlight
    Leadership X University Business Spotlight
    Thanks to Jim Riviello and Leadership X University!
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