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Acquisition Integration

Congratulations!  You’ve just completed an acquisition and added a whole new partner base―who may, or may not, be familiar with you or your offerings.  Suddenly you’re faced with

  • Retaining the acquired channel’s successful partners
  • Integrating the acquired company’s channel programs into your existing programs
  • Growing revenue through all partners with the combined offerings

Does your channel organization have the necessary resources and bandwidth to retain, integrate and ensure the success of the newly acquired partners?

You cannot afford to lose any successful partners—period.  Many newly-acquired partners can―and do―experience significant challenges migrating from working with a small, nimble organization to an organization where, perhaps, the processes are less flexible, more rigorous and take longer.

Channel acquisition integration is a short-term challenge
It’s a challenge that we help you solve, without adding overhead. We understand the variety and complexities of channel programs. And, we have hands-on channel acquisition integration experience to know what it takes to:

  • Rapidly identify the high value acquired partners and quickly integrate them into the fold
  • Reduce partner churn and revenues at risk
  • Protect and grow revenue
  • Realize an instant, new revenue stream
  • Successfully vet, train and onboard the new channel

As a liaison between you and your acquired channel partners, worldwide, we accelerate partner success through our proven and repeatable approach to integration and go-to-market strategies; strategies that incorporate your offerings into the solutions your new partners are already successfully selling.

Accelerate your time to partner revenue uplift
While we educate your new partners on the business opportunities of your offerings, we also help your channel managers understand and communicate the new business opportunities brought to existing partners from the acquired company. Bringing all parties up-to-speed, at the same time, accelerates your time to partner revenue uplift.

Integrations are very complex. We help you rapidly integrate the channel support teams, partner training and certification, and partner enablement programs, to protect and grow revenue―without adding overhead.