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Lessons from the Dead at 35,000 Feet

zombieRecent travels for business took me to the far east. To get there and back I had to endure some very long flights. My return flight from Hong Kong took 14.5 hours! With all that down time I decided to do a little binge watching. I don’t watch much TV, but I do enjoy some science fiction and horror, and friends had recommended the Walking Dead series. I hadn’t tuned in before because it’s already in its sixth season, I believe, and I didn’t think I could get caught up.

Recently A&E created a spin off series; Fear the Walking Dead so I decided to check it out. This story starts with the outbreak of the zombie epidemic vs. the original series where one of the main characters wakes from a coma to a new world infested by zombies (so I am told – I have yet to see the original Walking Dead). Anyway, Fear of the Walking Dead was a lot of fun to watch, with good character development and an interesting dysfunctional family that got me hooked from the first episode.

So back to the flight. After watching the spin off series it seemed like a good idea to watch the original series and I got hooked on it as well! Even though the premise is completely farfetched, underneath, the show has some moral takeaways. Perseverance and survival being the primary lessons (after, of course, you slice off the heads of hundreds of Zombies with a Japanese sword making a cool metallic whoosh sound with each head).

This goofy zombie show reminded me to appreciate everything I have, value friends and family, and to persevere or be eaten alive. I am not a big rah-rah guy that reads and posts the motivational message of the day. My style is to motivate myself, and hopefully others, through my efforts, behaviors and work ethic. I am generally motivated by surrounding myself with similar self-driven individuals.

Paraphrasing the whispering, scratchy voice of the lead character, Rick (an ex Sherriff with a baby girl and teenage boy), “It’s all about survival out there. People are always looking for an angle, looking to play on your weakness, they measure you on what they can take from you, by how they can use you to live.”

Bottom line – make a plan; stay the course; adjust as circumstances change; and although it may feel “they measure you on what they can take from you” the reality is that you can and will thrive through your own efforts and perseverance (assuming there is no zombie apocalypse, then throw it all out and listen to Rick!)


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