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Should You Adjust Your Channel Program?

In the last blog we talked about the need to make adjustments in channel management.  Adjustments need to be made to address changes in the market.  Sounds very basic, but it’s much more complex. Market changes are multifaceted and each of the below items needs to be considered as you adjust:

  • Competition
  • Economy
  • New Technology
  • New Business Models
  • Partner Attrition/Consolidation/Mergers
  • Regulations
  • Cost and Availability of Support
  • Customer Demand
There are many regular adjustments needed to get the most from your partners

Many sales reps live by the saying "Always Be Selling."  In Human Resources they use the mantra “recruit your employees daily”.    In Channel management, it is a combination of these two sayings, as you need to maintain partners’ interest and

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The New Normal of Partner Management

Everybody has written something about changes as a result of COVID 19’s “New Normal.” I know I am tired of it.  Not because the advice isn’t good or that the changes aren’t real, its just getting repetitive.  We get it, we need to work from home, we need to maintain relationships virtually, we need…

Working from home in the technology industry is not