DynTek recently engaged with Stan Kornaga and Cisco to evaluate and evolve DynTek’s security position in the market.  Through Stan’s comprehensive interviews and strategic collaboration sessions, we were able to leverage his ‘independent lens’ and market expertise to  uncover new lines of business and new ways to package, market and sell our security offerings that we believe will take DynTek to the next level.  We are grateful to Stan for his ability to take a difficult topic and structure it in an easy-to-approach way.  We are excited for the journey that this sets us on and are thrilled that Stan and Cisco would invest in DynTek’s future.

Wes Brown
VP, Architecture
DynTek Services, Inc.

Stan’s approach to our security practice development helped us do exactly what was intended.  He accelerated our development with a framework that proved to be a valuable investment of our time.  We used the insights gained from the development to discuss our security solutions on a customer call before we even finished the final review. We intend to use this framework in accelerating other practices and look forward to future engagements.

John Steiner| SVP, Professional Services | Encore Technologies

SyCom Technologies had a great experience working through the Cisco Security Practice Builder program with Stan Kornaga of BizTech Enablement Group. Stan’s practical way of guiding our team through educational content and working sessions allowed our team to uncover strengths and weaknesses in our current practice. We highlighted solutions that are delivering strong results, identified some that may take a backseat and uncovered new ideas to meet market demand.  Based on the comprehensive final report that Stan complied, we have plans to restructure our security solution catalog, revamp our unique value proposition and have a long list of action items to further develop our security practice. We feel confident that we will realize value from this engagement for years to come!

Allen Jenkins

CISO | VP of Consulting