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What Do Channel Partners Really Want? (Part two)

Sales Relevance! In the first post in this mini-series blog – What Channel Partners Really Want – I wrote about the need for marketing relevance. That is, how vendors and partners work together to make marketing programs relevant to a partner’s business. In this post, we turn our attention to a core element of any reseller’s business – SALES. Reseller organizations are driven by sales. They throw a high percentage

What Do Channel Partners Really Want?

Relevance! Over the past few weeks I’ve been speaking with many reseller partners, of all types and sizes, worldwide. While I wasn’t specifically interviewing them about what they want from their vendor partners, I ended up having some great conversations about just that. So, what do resellers want from their vendors, i.e. OEM or software partners? What struck me was the fact that what resellers want isn’t as obvious as you might